Varuna Khullar

Have you tried Meditation through Colours yet?

Red…Blue…Green..Silver.. were some of the colours which the Yoginis visualized for self healing in a recent meditation session held at ‘Yoga with V’. Yoginis imagined their favourite colours and were led by the instructor to concentrate within for deep relaxation, cleansing of chakras and recharging their bodies and souls…After the 30 minute session, while one …

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The Fakir!

During my last year’s visit to Shirdi (Mumbai, India) with friends, I accidently walked into a local library just before we were scheduled to take Sai baba’s Darshan later in the evening.  The shinning bright cover of this book and the short title caught my fascination at the first look..I drew a chair and decided …

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Ho Ho Hahaha!

Yesterday’s session at ‘Yoga with V’  was simply electrifying..roars of  ‘Ho Ho Haha’   filled the room when Yoginis tried the Laughter yoga for the first time..It was a delight to see how hesitant smiles quickly transformed into wide laughs, giggles and occasional laughter burst outs…Yoginis indulged in special exercises like Shake Hand Laugh, Milk …

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