Quick Yoga Breaks @Workplaces

1 Minute  Recharge Body, Mind, Breath Too busy to take a break. Just sit back in your  chair, close your  eyes for a minute. Focus  your  attention on your  breath. After a few seconds, the breath will start  slowing down, muscles will begin relaxing, body will feel lighter and  mind  will be more composed. You may extend this timeout else come out of the state by rubbing the palms and placing them on the eyes.
. Neck  Rolls Neck, Shoulder, Head


Seated on a Office Chair, Car  Seat, Yoga Mat, Standing these simple neck rolls can be done anytime to remove the stiffness and  pain caused due to extended seated hours at the desktop. Movement Pattern – Centre to Top and  Bottom <Centre to Right

& Left < Centre to Ears  to Shoulders.

All Movements to be changed slowly with the change in breath (Long Inhale and  Exhale) Repeat 3 times each and  relax.

* People suffering from Cervical and Spondylitis should not bring the neck down.

 Shoulder Rolls Shoulder Stiffness, Pain Upper and  Middle Back Stiffness Seated on a Office Chair, Car  Seat, Yoga Mat, Standing simple Shoulder rolls  can be done anytime to remove the stiffness and  pain caused due to extended seated hours at the desktop. Movement Pattern – Centre to Top and  Bottom All Movements to be changed slowly   with the change in breath (Long Inhale and  Exhale) Repeat 15 times each clockwise and anticlockwise and  relax.
 Backward Bending  Back, Shoulders, Buttocks and  Waist Stiffness Stand  in front of the chair, give hip distance gap between the legs. Place your  hands on both sides of the waist.  Swell up the chest with air and  bend backward as much as comfortable. Keep the eyes open. You may bend your  knees for a deeper stretch. Stay for a few seconds. Come back to original position while exhaling out. Repeat for 3 times. You may counter stretch by bending forward for the same number of times.

* People suffering from Cervical and Spondylitis, long  back pain, slip disc should avoid the forward bend

Abdominal or Diaphragmatic


Helps  lower  blood pressure,  and    therefore the risk  of  heart disease Helps lower blood sugar, and   therefore the risk  of diabetes. Increases the secretion of growth hormone and  slows  the aging process.  Improves mental  focus   and   clarity by increasing blood flow to  the  pre-frontal  cortex of your  brain. Improves sleep  quality. Facilitates weight loss  by balancing stress hormones with anabolic hormones. Reduces Stress To perform this exercise while sitting in a chair: Sit comfortably, with your  knees bent and  your shoulders, head and  neck relaxed. Breathe in slowly through your  nose so that your stomach moves out against your hand

Can  be practiced anytime in a seated or a lying  position on empty / light  stomach

Points to Note:

  1. Always do the practise as per your  capacity.
  2. Practice on light stomach
  3. Stop the practice in case of any discomfort. Relax immediately

And the affinity continues…

When I first met Mansi, I was not too sure about her interest for yoga.  

A sudden calling of her inner voice? Not too sure…

Mansi was in her fourth month of pregnancy when she (insisted upon by her husband) decided to give Yoga a ‘fair chance’. She had never really taken to the practice in the past and was more attuned to cardio and strength training in the gyms. Anyway, a small spark of affinity made us decide to start yoga together. I could relate to her in her corporate shoes and maybe she could connect with me because of our similar backgrounds.

Thus began..a journey..a journey of change..that I witnessed end to end :)

Our initial meetings were formal, running as per my sessions structure for her – Asana, Pranayama, Chanting and quick windups, but the affinity started to grow for each other. One day during a session, I asked Mansi, “Would you like to also talk about Yoga and life sometimes? She paused for a while and said, “why not, when I sit on my workstation and make budgets for my marketing campaigns, I have to justify the costs attached to each and every activity to my seniors and also to myself. Similarly, I would like to know why am I doing specific yoga postures and why should i continue to do so.” The affinity grew exponentially in that moment :)


After three months of regular meetings, I started feeling that someone who quickly winded up the grounding moments of her session, was spending more time in introspection towards the session’s tail. Mansi’s requests to increase the frequency of breathing with control movements, variations of meditation and more chanting sessions  were increasing by the day and at the same time. Our tri weekly meetings turned to five sometimes even to six during Mansi’s 8th month . Losing the sense of time while discussing a particular shloka was becoming a habit but none of us were complaining.  The affinity was getting deeper, I guess :).

Mansi was slowly climbing the numbers in my priority sessions list and I feel, so were I in her calendar. I must admit, I did experiment quite a few mindfulness techniques on her which I was yet to introduce in my other regular classes. You give more when you receive more. Isn’t it? The affinity effect again!

We were together on the last day of her pre -delivery time.  Mansi’ s husband joined us for a long chanting session. It was his first experience of sitting for one pointedness for couple of hours. I was not too sure about Mansi too as her weight seemed to be a deterrent. But to my sheer joy, both sat comfortably through the two hours of chanting for Mansi’s healthy and safe delivery. Infact Himanshu (Mansi’s husband) asked, “Can we do this again if she does not get into the labour tomorrow”. However, things happened as anticipated the next day. A cute little bundle of joy Baby Kiara was born after 36 hours of wait. And the affinity continued to spread.

IMG-20170505-WA0012 (1)

It’s been a month since Kiara is giving sleepless nights to Mansi but the new mother shared a tip with me, “Whenever kiara stresses me out, I take to chanting and deep breathing.” Now, this stress is worth it. Isn’t it? Watch Mansi’s journey of change in a short video here 

I have designed Mommy Mia with V – A prenatal yoga program from my heart. Give Yoga a ‘fair chance’ to guide you through the beautiful journey towards becoming a mother.  

Stay joyful



Thank You!

As I finished the Yoga class this morning and thanked the participants; I  promptly asked them- “Well, what is the meaning of the phrase Thank you”?

For a Second, I met total silence followed by light responses – “thank you means thank you”, “I thank you” :) Ofcourse some responses came but my question was not fully answered.

First, for the record – thanks is derived from the word -THINK. Thank you simply means I will always remember what you did for me. Although our wisdom talk ended quickly I was intrigued to know more about this phrase and did a bit of my searching to find some interesting facts around using this phrase.

Listing the top 5 easy to recall facts below:

  • Scientists studying sychology found that only a one -time thoughtful act of gratitude can produce an immediate 10% increase in happiness and 35% decrease in depressive symptoms. Also, the effects of this act start fading away in a span of 3 months or more. The finding suggests to repeat the act as often as possible for self  motivation
  • A mere acknowledgement of how much you care for what your staff does at work or your partner does in your life can instill a strong sense of self worth and confidence. It ‘boosts’ relationships – personal as well as professional
  •  Introducing a culture of gratitude to children aged between 8 – 11 years can bring an increase in their positive thinking, appreciation and positive emotions
  • This phrase is packed with endurance abilities. Expressing gratitude for small and big events / things on daily basis continously prepares a person to embrace setbacks in life
  • A thankful attitude towards every blessing in life promotes better sleep and leaves a positive effect on the brain including neuro transmitters and hormones that are key to social bonding

Thank You – is a small phrase / gesture / expression but possesses immense power to turn around not only our moods or attitude..but our personalities too!

Did You Thank Someone / Yourself Today

Thank You!

Varuna Khullar


The Tiff Between the 5 faculties of our Body

This morning as I was concluding my yoga session, the popular ‘Prana Story’ struck my mind and I decided to share with my fellow Yogis and Yoginis. 

The Story Goes:

Once Upon a time, the 5 main parts of our body i.e. the Mind, Breath (Prana), Speech, Ear and Eye were arguing with each other as to which one of them was the best and most important for the human body. They decided to leave the body and see whose absence was missed the most.

Speech left first but the body continued through actions. Eye was the second to leave but the body continued through actions. Ear was the next to leave, still the body continued. Mind also left but the body still kept going. Finally, the breath (Prana) began to leave and the body began to die and all its parts started to lose their energy. All the parts of body rushed to the Prana and requested it to stay. Prana stayed in the body. It kept sending energy to the other parts of the body which helped them to continue to perform their functions.

What is most important for the Human Body?

The Prana!


The Glory of Our Goals…

“Today, I accomplished a goal”

What is it?

This morning I introduced an expecting mother to the laughter therapy in the yoga class post which she shared that the last time she laughed out loud (for no reason) was when she was in the 7th Grade and over the years, she had just lost the habit of laughing. A hearty Laughter was replaced by a suppressed smile for expressing all positive emotions. But now, not only will she laugh again but also not stop her son from laughing out loud, which off late, she has been curbing more frequently..

Wow! Such a feeling of achievement.. I made someone laugh this morning and even left her with an afterthought.

On the surface, this may not even look like the best of the reasons to feel a goal was accomplished. To the amusement of many, does that even categorize as a goal?

Goal – sometimes also called Milestone / Achievement / Life Graph (maybe has many more names) has now become such a high leveled aspiration that more often, we set such high standards of this goal achievement that the little and beautiful daily victories just go unnoticed. Rather, we don’t even consider them as good enough to even classify under the category -‘Goals’.

Isn’t our life a mix box of daily and long term goals and doesn’t both deserve to be equally celebrated?

Just the other day, a friend who works as a Skill Development Facilitator shared that 5 out of 100 of her trained staff called to inform that they were selected for an overseas construction site job opportunity. The ecstatic look of her face reminded me of the joy that we experience when we suddenly discover a chocolate box hidden by a loved one on our bed during  Bhaidooj or Diwali. Here, both may seem small but possess a great depth of emotional satisfaction.

Yes, we are progressing like never before, trying to grab opportunities galore knocking our door every day, promising us more success but in return also demanding larger goal settings and attainment, more achievements in less time, stopping to rest is not an option infact taking a pause pushes us many blocks behind  in this rat race. The higher the bar for ourselves and for our children, the more we sacrifice our moments of togetherness with the family; greater is the  sense of achievement.

Who has the time to sit in the park and enjoy the breeze of fresh air? Isn’t it too easily available?.

Image result for goals

 We quantify every goal only in a big number.

How many millions raised as funding? A 100 Crore Plus Movie Club makes a movie – a legend.  How many co-curricular activities is our child pursuing? Are we ensuring air – conditioned classrooms for our kids? Do we have the latest I-phone to keep up with our peers or have we taken a trip down to Europe to even start a discussion with our bosses over drinks. These are just few of the many goals that we are busy getting to while we are missing out on those daily bouts of victories that happen in our own backyards.

Celebration month is round the corner. Clichéd!

Why can’t we light up our house with Diyas when we just finished reading our favourite book?  How about a celebration with friends to acknowledge the satisfaction of sowing a seed  months ago that has now bloomed into a small tree shade in the house garden? How will it feel to tweet about helping the maid in opening a bank account – which by the way could be as important goal of her life as our own goal to get from the Manager’s title to the Senior VP’s?

Are these all not goals – waiting in the wings to get acknowledged?

Thought Share by

Varuna Khullar

Are you ‘Festressed too?

“Oh, quickly get ready. We have to go to the Sharma’s, Mehta’s and Sodhi’s. Diwali ke gift batane hai, phir kal south delhi walon ko cover karenge”

Yes, the festival month is just round the corner with its mix of joyfulness and festress – Wait a minute – Did I just say FESTRESS!

Welcome to North India to take a glimpse of how stressed we get with the onset of the festival season. To the world (most of the times – we disguise ourselves too!) we are an epitome of rituals and culture and that we pass down the legacy of keeping up with the traditions from generation to generation with great ease but are we really at that ease?

So what is this festival stress? (Sounds more serious to be considered – doesn’t it?)

This particular kind of stress category is a limited but recurring edition in any Indian upper middle class family. It usually sets in the last quarter of every year (We never get to know when is it going to hit us the following year as the next dates are subject to change to our tricky vedic calculations) and lasts for about a month, while our moods and the bank accounts take about 2-3 months to recuperate. Also, it happens across age groups and there are no set conditions or hereditary diagnosis. To each – it gives a different state of a stressed mind!

Categories of the festival Stress (In ascending order of Highest Risk of Recurrence):

  • Gifts..gifts..everywhere – but which one to give this year? Should you happen to visit any Indian house hold in North India, you cannot miss a stack of big and small cartons / boxes wrapped in shiny (read LOUD!) gift papers – one on top of the other pushed next to the living room wall. In some houses, you may even see a temporary cleared off space in a room to park these boxes. Interestingly, most of these boxes (especially at the top) are the ones which were received as ‘Gifts’ in the previous years and are now on target to be ‘Gifted Out’ this year – (Does it remind you of a stock clearance sale? Indeed!) Also, these boxes are stacked according to the value of the item vs. the value of the gift received from a friend / relative. A 1,000 Rs. silver bowl set has to be exchanged against a 1,200 Rs. Bombay Dyeing Bedspread. A pack of nuts only deserve a Cadbury Celebration Box, in lieu. Ofcourse, as the status category goes up so does the line of the gifting range from exotic tea sets to antiques to silverware to an Audi (well, we never know – stress makes you do crazy things when it gets to you). There is an undeclared war of who gives a better gift and mind you – sometimes the stress levels are so high that you may just end up returning the same gift to someone who gifted it to you – the last year. Phew! 
  • My house is for me – Oh Really! It is not uncommon in north India to actually get the house labourers / domestic helps / painters out of stock due to a sudden high demand just a couple of months before the festival month. Even the tiniest of the leaking corner which kept crying  for the house owner’s attention throughout the year suddenly feels so – Specially Treated. The walls get that much deserved face lift while the leathery sofa is botoxed for a younger look! The photo frames are updated with latest family selfies while the showcase are loaded with the newest of showpieces (God Bless the Khan Market!). All this for self – Nah, we were too stressed to get all that done to enjoy them! obviously for others who come ‘to gift’ us to look at every hook and corner and get the stress to go back and touch up their own houses. haven’t you heard of – passing on the stress?

The walls get that much deserved face lift while the leathery sofa is botoxed for a younger look! The photo frames are updated with latest family selfies and the showcase are loaded with the newest of showpieces (God Bless the Khan Market!).

  • The Clothing Controversy: Now this stress symptom is predominant in women. Lets take an oath today – Place Your Palm on your heart and say – If I buy that latest Ritu Kumar Angarakha this Diwali then I will wear it the next year too.What? Are you kidding me? What will Mrs. Dhillon and Mrs. Gulati think? Am I out of my mind or out of money? and then they willbroadcast’ it all over the whatsapp group. No no..I’d rather take the stress of buying a different stress every year!
  • The Traffic Tragedy:  if you plan to visit north India during the festivity and on top of it decide to go around the cities then please don’t – you are in for a traffic tragedy. Just about a fortnight before and after the festival month, the whole of north India subjects itself to the traffic tragedy. The GPS’ also ask for forgiveness for not leading you into the right direction   as it fails to see beyond the bumper to bumper touching cars, jammed roads and blocked sub-lanes all through the day (yes, our roads get into the seven-eleven mode during festivals) . We as a family stress out together over the dinner as to which area to cover the next day. Even the soldiers on the war front  struggle to match up to our caliber of chalking out a route map with the hiding shortcuts and by-lanes to get to the target houses in one go during this time. Whoever said – sometimes, Stress can bring your suppressed quality out was so right!

Besides the above, the festival stress also comes in small bouts of what type of cuisine to serve this year, how much bonus to be paid to the staff (What’s that?), how many parties to throw vs. how many to attend, how many wishes on whatspp vs. personal calls (does that still exists?) etc..etc..etc..

While the studies show no possible solution to this stress, every now and then some affected cases have gotten rid of this type with a bit of introspection and redirection to a simpler, happier and a lesser competitive life.

On hopes we all live and with that hope, I am hopeful of more cases of festival stress getting better soon!

Well, Yoga keeps me from becoming Festressed! 😛

Thought Share by

Varuna khullar




Maruti Finance took time off number crunching to Laugh, Play &Breathe with V

27th August 2016, Gurgaon: It was a delight to go back to the Maruti Corporate for some health, fun, bonding and binding time out with the car giant’s Finance Department. Yoga with V’s wellness session was held today with over 60 executives, who participated in full gusto . The session opened to some candid interaction between these executives and V on some of the common stress challenges which they commonly face and how due to pressing timelines, they struggle to cope with keeping up with any kind of active health regime – Health of the mind more than that of the body.

V’s Laughter Hour tried addressing this challenge with the objective of how this simple therapy can be easily integrated in a busy executive’s life on a daily basis by just  devoting 10-15 minutes of time. While the participants experienced some popular laughter yoga exercises with V, the session became quite interesting when real time situations straight from these finance executives daily routine at work were relived in the – Laughter Way! Executives across different age groups, titles, moods and interests came together to laugh, play and breathe together with V with a common purpose of experiencing a simple, healthy and a joyful wellness session. During the session, V also shared some quick, easy and effective Desktop Yogic Exercises which can be practised anytime anywhere by these busy and stressed executives.

3 7









Dance Meditation and Vowel Chanting set the mindfulness hour for the executives, leaving them more relaxed and in tune with themselves. An interactive after session feedback and sharing experiences summed up a beautiful and soulful Saturday evening for Maruti Executives and V.

V thanks  Maruti Suzuki – Once Again! :)


Stay Joyful!


Have you tried the Colour Meditation yet



Do you look your vibrant best in Red or does Black brings more confidence to you?  Just how deep is the ocean of colors so are its effects on us, our moods and thoughts.  Different colors have different significances and the ones that we like define our thinking or personality along with the state of our mind and health to some extent.  Colour Meditation is also used for healing,  balancing and aligning of the 7 main Chakras  in our body.

Test: Try out the color meditation therapy at your nearest yoga studio (if it offers) or  you can use a You Tube instructional video.  This one works for me  – Guided Colour Meditation.

Often, we also get recommended to embrace certain colors to enhance our personality, health, relationships and more. See below which colour brings you peace and which ones bring more positivity and luck along with their auras and healing affects. 

WHITE Meditation/Dream: Truth of the highest order. Enlightenment. Energy in its most pure form. Divinity.
Aura: Never a predominate color in the aura unless you are looking at an angel or an ascended master. However a white layer in the aura or a layer with white streaks indicates a person following the will of God and being directed by it.
Healing: Charging the energy field,  bringing peace and comfort, divine light or whole white light entering.
VIOLET Meditation/Dream: Conjures feelings of enchantment, wishes fulfilled, of dreams made fact. Transformation of the self or of some aspect of your life into a higher form. Connecting to your higher self. The “I am God” presence.
Aura: This color in the aura is the highest vibration for the human spirit. A person who is in command of his life and energy. A visionary. Violet with a gold outline is a person who is one with spirit and God and is in service to mankind.
Healing: Connecting to spirit, the opening of the third eye, the clearing of the head, purging the auric field of distortions.
BLUE Meditation/Dream: Blue is the energy of pacification, self protection, sweetness and tenderness, and of loyalty. It represents contentment and reunion with the Earth.
Aura: Blue in the aura represents a teacher or a very sensitive person. They are kind and caring and will do much to help others grow.
Healing: Cooling, calming, restructuring of the etheric level, taking away pain when doing deep tissue work and work on bone cells. Blue also helps to expand a person’s field to connect to his/her life task.
GREEN Meditation/Dream: Taken most directly from nature, these hues often are expressive of constancy, self-affirmation, security, self-esteem, and of deeply rooted pride. A healing meditation may contain green, as it is the color of new growth.
Aura: Green in the aura signals a very intellectual person who may possess healing gifts. At the very least it signals a nurturer personality and one that will do what they can to make another comfortable.
Healing: Charging the heart chakra, balancing the aura, general healing, sometimes charging the aura to ensure well being and health, and to remove illness.
YELLOW Meditation/Dream: Representative of cheerfulness, radiance, relaxation and release from burdens. It is warmth of sunlight, the halo around the Holy Grail. Yellow is hope.
Aura: Yellow, like green also signals a very intellectual person, but this person does not possess healing gifts. They are powerful thinkers, and idea makers.
Healing: Charging the brow chakra, clearing a foggy head.
ORANGE Meditation/Dream: Symbolic of fire, of expanding energy, power and the omnipotence of the sun and the majesty of sunsets. Energy to accomplish ones goals.
Aura: A very ambitions person who needs to succeed and has the energy to do so.
Healing: Charging the auric field, increasing sexual potency, increasing the immunity system.
ROSE Meditation/Dream: In meditation or dreams represents self-love, also resurrection. The color of flesh, of sensuality and emotion, romantic love, and supportive love.
Aura: A person in-love with another or in-love with one’s created environment.
Healing: Subtle healing and love. This energy puts back a sense of self love and self worth.
RED Meditation/Dream: Red represents the will to achieve, energy, intensity, and struggle. It is also appetite, desire, and reproduction. It is life in the “now.”
Aura: People with mostly red in their aura are fiery spontaneous people. They are often fearless, or appear that way. Red’s make good police and firemen and soldiers. Red will also be found in the normal aura for brief periods during great anger or passion.
Healing: Super charging the auric field, burning out cancer, warming cold areas.
GRAY Meditation/Dream: Grey in a dream or meditation signals excessive energy being burnt off. it is also a lifting of intense fear or some life-threatening situation.
Aura: A person who’s life-force is leaking away due to unhappiness, sadness, depression, or illness. With the color black a person with advanced cancer.
Healing: Only used during a healing when excessive energy must be removed because the person can’t handle it.
BLACK Meditation/Dream: In the shinny black variety it is a closing in of energy and resource to protect ones self. The velvet or shinny black is not a negative color to get in a meditation, especially if you are feeling burnt out. A velvet black light opens up the Aura so that it can accept higher colors.
Aura: A dull lifeless black in the aura shows a person who is very far removed from the constructive forces of the universe. With the grey streaks, it shows a person being destroyed by his or her own separation from God. Note: Wearing black is very common and it opens up the human aura to all the other colors. Many students of the occult like to wear black for this reason. Wearing black also protects your energy from leaking out to others.
Healing: The velvet black color is used to bring a patient into the state of grace, silence, and peace with God.
SILVER Meditation/Dream: Silver relates to the moon, the subconscious, and the female aspect of the universe.
Aura: Not a color usually present in the aura in any great quantity.
Healing: Used to purge the auric field and to charge the sixth level of being (karmic level), to remove old karma that is no longer needed.
INDIGO Meditation/Dream: Purple or indigo in a dream or meditation signals  some kind of psychic power or ability or some kind of psychic force.
Aura: In the aura shows a very intuitive person, a person with prepackaged abilities that come from before birth to be used physically in this incarnation. These people tend to be square pegs as far as society and fitting in is concerned. This will change as  more of the current generation is born with this color and takes its place in society.
Healing: The opening up of intuition or of some psychic ability. It is also used to prepare the individual of the entering of the divine spirit.

source: www.wisdomdoor.com

Wellness with V@Maruti Suzuki House, Gurgaon

12th May 2016, Gurgaon: Juggling in a busy work life amidst the stress and performance pressures is no cakewalk. Health and well-being are so easily neglected due to lack of time and inability to follow a timed exercise regime. From a company’s point of view, it is imperative to manage the teams and their moods to ensure they are in their best shape to perform. And there comes in the fact that a wholesome wellness of both the mind and the body is important for the organization as a whole to reach its objectives.

And bearing this in mind, #Maruti Suzuki Corporate House in Gurgaon invited V to conduct her Corporate Happiness Program for 40 senior executives  from Operations Production Control Unit and related verticals. V’s Corporate Happiness Program offered the Unconditional Laughter Therapy which can be practised anytime anywhere and is an instant stress buster as well as health recharge potion.
This hearty session was followed up with a soulful time out #Meditation on LIVE instrumental music experience. In between,  V & Suzuki executives interacted on the essence of synchronized breathing with group exercises  as easy mediums to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as boosting bondings in the team.
At the end of the two hour session; some shared they have not laughed so much in many years, others said that they feel they have done a workout but with some never before experienced joy while some just sat silently attuned to their inner self. 
Somewhere, don’t we all have the same goal – leading SIMPLER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER LIVES? :)
V thanks the #Maruti Suzuki management for partnering her in spreading health and happiness within the Suzuki family….Catch more from the Suzuki Executives wellness time out with V here


We bring you this exclusive video of the Corporate Happiness Program conducted by V at the Maruti Suzuki Corporate House in Gurgaon. Check how V helped 40 senior executives from Maruti Suzuki to Laugh and relieve their stress with her simple yet effective laughter and yogic exercises.

Let Us Laugh A Little More! Celebrating the Spirit of World Laughter Day…

Celebrating the spirit of World Laughter Day!

A medical doctor and the founder of worldwide Laughter Yoga movement, Dr. Madan Kataria conceptualized  the World Laughter Day on every first Sunday of the month May in 1998. Since then thousands of people across 105 countries in over 17,000 laughter clubs laugh together on this day for world peace and health.

So what’s in a Laugh anyway?

Over the past two decades, extensive research all over the world has shown that laughter has a positive impact on various systems of the body. Most noteworthy is laughter’s ability to unwind the negative effects of stress: the catalyst for many of our health problems.  More than 70 per cent of illnesses – such as high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, frequent cough and cold, peptic ulcers, insomnia, allergies, asthma, menstrual difficulties, tension headaches, stomach upsets and even cancer are in some way related to stress.

It has become a challenge for people to combat daily stressors and maintain good health. They resort to several therapies and expensive medication, but somehow fail to spot the simplest of them all – Laughter which is the easiest and the safest way to alleviate stress and prevent sickness. It has been scientifically established that laughter has a profound impact on the body and mind. Not only does it help to prevent the onset of sickness by way of strengthening the immune system, it also has a healing effect. It has the power to unwind stress, uplift joy and strengthen the mind … all in an instant.

While, the number of Laughter Clubs are increasing around the world, the business world is not behind in realizing the connection between Unconditional Laughter and the Workplace Efficacy. Scientific researches shows that laughter can help resolve major workplace issues. With new researches on laughter, the business world is beginning to consider laughter seriously as a tool to improve workplace performances.

Connection between Unconditional Laughter and the Workplace Efficacy

Please Read the full article on Sheroes.In