Trio Pose at ‘Yoga with V’

HP_220_Balasana_248 (1)cat poseHP_MAR06_Bhujangasana_248

                         Child Pose                                                          Cat Pose                                                         Cobra Pose                                      

Often yoga asanas are done singularly..How about changing that same old pattern sometimes?

Yoginis at ‘Yoga with V’ often practice the Trio Pose (My version of the asana)

A sequencing of Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), Bidalasana (Cat Pose) & Balasana (Child Pose) are done in numbers of 15-20 counts, gives the benefits of all three asanas, paces up the session and breaks the mundane routine.

Some benefits of three postures are highlighted below:

  • Cobra Pose – great abdomen toner, strengthens the lower back and shoulder muscles and alleviates fatigue and stress
  • Cat Pose – soothes the lower back and spine, improves circulation through the spine and core and stretches the muscles right from hands to shoulders upto spine down to the abdomen
  • Child Pose – Releases tension in the back, calms the mind and body, flexes the body’s internal organs

** An earnest appeal to all readers – If you are planning to start Yoga or a beginner then please practice asanas under the proper supervision of an instructor.

* the photos are for illustration purpose only.

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