20 Golden Eating Habits by Swami Sivananda

20 golden dietetic rules from the great Swami Sivananda. Nowhere, it is said that we need to follow all twenty all the time…Even if we can adopt a few and blend in sometimes with our detoxification routine, we will get the benefits of these golden food rules.

  1. Beware of false hunger, eat only when hungry
  2. Eat less and chew more
  3. Fast once a week
  4. Do not overload your stomach
  5. Include raw food in your diet
  6. Control that craving for variety in food 
  7. Identify the foods which match each other well from your experience and make more of such combinations
  8. Do not eat when you are angry
  9. Give up greed of eating more food
  10. Bad sensations in throat or stomach are signs towards cleansing fast
  11. Do not take meals late at night
  12. Skins of apples and carrots contain valuable minerals and vitamins, do not remove them
  13. Rice and Veggies taste best when steamed, try switching between polished and unpolished rice
  14. Take food at fixed hours
  15. Sitting in Vajrasana for ten minutes after a meal helps in digestion of food
  16. More simple and natural food, better it is
  17. Do not make sudden and drastic changes in your diet, introduce gradual changes
  18. Observe silence while taking food
  19. Do not engage in strenuous physical or mental work immediately after a meal
  20. Thank God everytime for your meal! 

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