Happiness Corner

Happiness in Galore – A glimpse from V’s Children Happiness Program
Grade 4-5 students and Yoga with V in a Laughter Yoga moment

A moment from V’s Corporate Happiness Program
Kunskapsskolan Teacher gets candid about Yoga with V’s simulated Yoga Jungle Safari Session

Pooja, an alternative therapist after attending V’s workshop with Pre Schoolers
Best of U – Incubated by Yoga with V

It is not always that you need a joke or a comedy to break into a laugh. Don’t believe then try the below experiment.
Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Open your eyes and click on the below video of Laughers gathered from around the world, doing nothing but only LAUGHING  in unison. There are no jokes, no comedies, no conditions. Only one common purpose – Laughing for health and happiness!
Our laughter in itself is contagious, it doesn’t need reasons to occur.
Liked the video! Play it again and keep laughing. Happy HOHOHAHA!

Are you feeling happy for no reason at all. That’s great!. Watch this Happy Dance Video. Dance and Laugh at the same time.