tuesdays with Morrie

What a classic piece of writing from Mitch Albom. Seeing life through the eyes of a person,  moving a step closer everyday towards embracing his death.  “Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live ” – hard-hitting! Isn’t it? Must read!

Khalil Gibran

One has to read it to understand the meaning behind the parables and sayings beautifully illustrated through visuals. One of the finest pieces of writing that I have read lately. Free Reading Copy can be found here:

The Fakir!

During my last year’s visit to Shirdi (Mumbai, India) with friends, I accidently walked into a local library just before we were scheduled to take Sai baba’s Darshan later in the evening.  The shinning bright cover of this book and the short title caught my fascination at the first look..I drew a chair and decided …

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