Maruti Finance took time off number crunching to Laugh, Play &Breathe with V

27th August 2016, Gurgaon: It was a delight to go back to the Maruti Corporate for some health, fun, bonding and binding time out with the car giant’s Finance Department. Yoga with V’s wellness session was held today with over 60 executives, who participated in full gusto . The session opened to some candid interaction between these executives and V on some of the common stress challenges which they commonly face and how due to pressing timelines, they struggle to cope with keeping up with any kind of active health regime – Health of the mind more than that of the body.

V’s Laughter Hour tried addressing this challenge with the objective of how this simple therapy can be easily integrated in a busy executive’s life on a daily basis by just  devoting 10-15 minutes of time. While the participants experienced some popular laughter yoga exercises with V, the session became quite interesting when real time situations straight from these finance executives daily routine at work were relived in the – Laughter Way! Executives across different age groups, titles, moods and interests came together to laugh, play and breathe together with V with a common purpose of experiencing a simple, healthy and a joyful wellness session. During the session, V also shared some quick, easy and effective Desktop Yogic Exercises which can be practised anytime anywhere by these busy and stressed executives.

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Dance Meditation and Vowel Chanting set the mindfulness hour for the executives, leaving them more relaxed and in tune with themselves. An interactive after session feedback and sharing experiences summed up a beautiful and soulful Saturday evening for Maruti Executives and V.

V thanks  Maruti Suzuki – Once Again! :)


Stay Joyful!


Wellness with V@Maruti Suzuki House, Gurgaon

12th May 2016, Gurgaon: Juggling in a busy work life amidst the stress and performance pressures is no cakewalk. Health and well-being are so easily neglected due to lack of time and inability to follow a timed exercise regime. From a company’s point of view, it is imperative to manage the teams and their moods to ensure they are in their best shape to perform. And there comes in the fact that a wholesome wellness of both the mind and the body is important for the organization as a whole to reach its objectives.

And bearing this in mind, #Maruti Suzuki Corporate House in Gurgaon invited V to conduct her Corporate Happiness Program for 40 senior executives  from Operations Production Control Unit and related verticals. V’s Corporate Happiness Program offered the Unconditional Laughter Therapy which can be practised anytime anywhere and is an instant stress buster as well as health recharge potion.
This hearty session was followed up with a soulful time out #Meditation on LIVE instrumental music experience. In between,  V & Suzuki executives interacted on the essence of synchronized breathing with group exercises  as easy mediums to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as boosting bondings in the team.
At the end of the two hour session; some shared they have not laughed so much in many years, others said that they feel they have done a workout but with some never before experienced joy while some just sat silently attuned to their inner self. 
Somewhere, don’t we all have the same goal – leading SIMPLER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER LIVES? :)
V thanks the #Maruti Suzuki management for partnering her in spreading health and happiness within the Suzuki family….Catch more from the Suzuki Executives wellness time out with V here


We bring you this exclusive video of the Corporate Happiness Program conducted by V at the Maruti Suzuki Corporate House in Gurgaon. Check how V helped 40 senior executives from Maruti Suzuki to Laugh and relieve their stress with her simple yet effective laughter and yogic exercises.

Joyfulness Galore@adani Corporate House in Gurgaon



17th April 2016, Gurgaon: A woman is always an axis of her #home, #work, and #family. Hence her role play is multilayered and far more demanding. While it’s a tightrope walk for every working woman, taking out an extra special time for self-well-being is equally important. Women @adani Group managed to take out a time out for feeling extra special with V, where we made our shoulder bags nimble and got off from the constant state of physical, mental and emotional drive we rub in our daily lives by V’s quick recharge potions like #laughing, #exercising, #breathing,#dancing, and sharing the #joyfulness in togetherness…Women are quintessential nurturers and should know how to play their parts with utmost efficacy.

Keep Enjoying your divine design! 

Catch more moments of this session here









Alum leads wellness workshop at protiviti gurgaon

I thank ‪#‎protiviti‬ – Yet Again! The whopping response and reverence I have come across during my incumbency with #protiviti was unprecedented and now this encouragement on its worldwide alumni network will be cherished forever….


Varuna joined our Protiviti member firm in Kuwait in 2012 to help revamp their marketing and communications strategy. For Varuna, it was an exciting opportunity to build something new.

While she chased her passion for marketing by day, Varuna became more serious about another passion: teaching yoga. “It was a great platform for me to explore and nurture my skills as a teacher,” she says. “Teaching yoga gave me an opportunity to connect and bond with people across cultural diversities who came together for a common purpose.”


V & protiviti Celebrates the Joy of Womanhood…



8th March 2016, Gurgaon: This  #women’s day was special..Though, each day is a celebration of womanhood in my opinion but few days – well you just feel like ‘earmarking’….

it was just two days before the international women’s day that I received a phone call from Bhavna – a fellow health enthusiast who requested for a wellness time out for the stressed women executives at her workplace as a special give away on behalf of her company on 8th March.. Just a mere mention of her company name made me jump in exhilaration. #protiviti Inc – my Ex -employer..what an opportunity!

Braced with some easy, anytime anywhere quick and effective health recharge tips along with loads of laughter stock, I reached the Internal Audit Advisory’s corporate office in Gurgaon. The organizing team was just a bit sceptical about the participants’ response as something similar to my program was never been tested before. However, to the organizing team’s and my amazement; 50 super women executives not only put up a great audience but kept the session momentum going in full gusto for almost an hour. They held a few asana, shared loads of laughter and reverberated in the joy of coming together for a common purpose of celebrating joyfulness – for no reason at all :)

During our candid interactions, these executives shared that while they have the regular health management challenges leading a corporate life, their major concerns were stress and deadline pressures combined with frequent travelling leaving no time to follow a regular exercise routine. I took this as an opportunity to share a few recharge potions from my corporate yogic therapy which can be practised sitting right there on the workstations, while walking or even in the flight. I left the protiviti office with small promises to take simple steps in managing our health better- – inside and out!

Stay Joyful #protiviti


Raahigiri makes way for Nilegiri in Gurgaon

31st Jan 2016: I believe in the fact that it only takes one person to bring a change and this belief was reinforced recently when Tarun Lakhwani from Omaxe The Nile RWA in Gurgaon contacted me for conducting a #laughteryoga session for the society residents on a Sunday morning. I was not very sure about his chosen day but what he shared next left me pleasantly surprised. A few fitness enthusiasts including Tarun himself from the Nile community have taken a step towards binding and bonding the society residents over some #health #happiness and #healing through an initiative titled, ‘Nilegiri’.  Ofcourse, #Raahgiri immediately flashes in the mind but for sure, ‘Nilegiri’ has its own uniqueness. Tarun shared that specially going for #Raahgiri was not everyone’s cup of tea and the RWA wanted to do something about bringing the Nile community together for a common purpose and what better than the purpose of health. Since then the journey to keeping fit as a community continues for the Nile residents. 


Nile 1 Nile 3

Nilegiri started about 6 weeks back in the society’s beautifully maneuvered park on foggy, wintery mornings. Zumba, Yoga, Dance, Aerobics – You think of it and Tarun and his gang have successfully got the residents to do all of that. This last Sunday when I reached at 9 am not sure of how many people I may see, I was caught by surprise with a pretty number of around 75 residents. We beat the morning chill with Paul’s #Zumba Session. I enjoyed every second of the session swirling and dancing to some groovy Pop, Bollywood and Arabic numbers. The energy in the air multiplied with kids, adults and even senior citizens joyfully trying to match to the steps of Paul’s Zumba moves. 60 minutes fleeted in a jiffy with some great cardio work out. We all paused for a breather and I was cheerfully greeted by enthusiastic participants, this time few more in number (who were standing in their balconies curious to join the laughter session). And what followed next – 75 minutes of laughter, group exercises, a game of mindfulness and some singing and dancing. The entire park echoed with laughter and became even more vibrant with childlike playfulness of the participants. I could see everyone dropping their age, titles, health limitations only to work-out in togetherness for one purpose – Joy from within and without. The simulated laughter yoga exercises gradually stimulated laughter for the participants and gave them an opportunity to enjoy the yogic workout in a fun way. A rapid fire quiz saw some winners who happily walked away with their gifts and rejuvenated moods. My session ended with the happy dance which once again brought the young, old and the not so old to shake a leg or two in togetherness. 

Tarun and his team are all set to reverse the dropping health meters of the Nile residents due to lifestyle pressures and are an example of #change for themselves and for many others around them. #yogawithv thanks Tarun & the Omaxe The Nile community for putting up such a healthful and happy show with her. 

Stay Joyful!

#best of U 2nd Edition – They believed.bloomed. Will keep blossoming…

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Sat, 16th Jan 2016 Gurgaon: While it saw cold winds and a thick smog to the day; 17th Jan 2016 also brought the warmth of giggles galore, group workout, creative hour and some mindfulness moments for #bestofu participants .  To add to the delight, #ClubFlorence  in Sector 56, Gurgaon perfected as the picturesque venue to hold the day long workshop. 

After the formal registrations and setting our moods with some lukewarm honey lemon water, we started the first session i.e. the light yogic therapy or how i call it – Yoga for busy professionals. V’s ‘Corporate Yogic Therapy’ addresses the eleven most stressed body parts of an individual. #Stressed due to factors including modern lifestyle pressures, wrong posture, lack of mobility in the body, fatigue and common flu. Some warm up with the engine run i.e gentle hopping on the spot with mouth exhalation energized and geared up the participants for the follow up stretching, bending and flexing of the body. My simple therapy starts with cerebrum region and covers the head, forehead and ears moving down to the eyes. Quick techniques to recharge the cerebrum region which gets fatigued due to long hours spent on electronic gadgets, personal stresses and daily challenges can be reduced with some gentle tapping of these body parts. If practiced regularly, these simple techniques also aid during mild headaches, puffing of eyes and improving blood circulation. The next to follow were recharge tips for the neck, shoulders and arms which are slowly becoming most common pain areas due to lack of mobility. One thing to be mentioned here is the movement of fingers and wrists which are neglected otherwise but gets covered in V’s therapy. Side stretching, backward bending was followed by focused movements for the legs, knees and feet.

The next hour titled ‘Breath Programming’ covered the basic but key aspects of conscious breathing pattern. While the #bestofu first timers like any newcomer took a bit of time to adjust to the patterning, gradually they matched up to the rhythmic movement of the inhalation and exhalation through the abdomen of the others. The session covers one each category of the dynamic, cooling and balancing Pranayama to address different physical, mental and emotional ailments. The concept of Pranayama, its meaning and depth intrigued the participants a bit which actually stretched the hour by another fifteen minutes but no one complained :). 

The healthy dip break saw exchange of pleasantries among participants, some experience sharing and chatting over the nutritious goodness of  Indian Poha & Sanjeevani Drink. The participants returned for the ‘Laughter Yoga’ session with more enthusiasm. While I  let people connect with each other at their own ease, the second edition participants were a step ahead and instantly cracked the laughter session with a sporty spirit for the group exercises and role playing to simulate and stimulate laughter. A brief address of twenty minutes introducing the unconditional laughter therapy, its benefits especially for the busy people and sharing case studies of inner evolvement for personal success, health and joyfulness set the participants moods on fire that lead to a frequent reverberation of  group laughter, cheers and applause and a lot of group movement in childlike playfulness. Although, the participants reaped the effects of the lightness in the room, they were equally focused on getting to understand and rehearse the foundation steps of conducting a laughter session at their workplaces, homes and extended communities. Laughter songs sung to live Guitar and keyboard music enlivened our moods a note further up. In my observation; a few of the participants took time to condition themselves to this new form of stress management while the others hit it off instantly. 

A lunch break to satiate the hunger pangs caused by the day’s activities and lot of belly laughter could not have been better with some scrumptious Indian sattvic food prepared by culinary expert moms at momffu. It also saw some more candid sharing, laughing and cheering among the participants. 

We resumed the day with ‘Vowel Chanting’. I personally just love this form of loud, rhythmic chanting which is not only soulful to the ears but also has some deep healing effects in each vowel chanted. The chanting became more joyous with live music rendered by music expert, Piyush Sir. As I explained the pronunciation and the meaning of each vowel; the participants dived deeper into enjoying the chanting with closed eyes. The chant starts slowly and gradually builds up with the music and ultimately ends in fast movement of the body while standing,clapping and chanting. A forty five minute session seemed to just fleet away in no time however left the participants high on inner energy and deep muscle relaxation. 

I utilized the next half hour in pairing up the participants as change buddies and sharing the unfolding of the day’s events, their experiences, exchange of knowledge notes and more with each other. This practise was impromptu but well appreciated by the participants who got to do a good re-run of the wellness lessons learnt so far. 

‘Howzzhat’ activity brought out the hidden creative gems in the participants. Someone expressed change for humanity through laughter while the other wrote a spontaneous poem on #bestofu before and after effect. Someone walked on the clouds with her better half on the chart paper and someone brought her inner child and its playfulness on paper. A wonderful session that reminded and gently reinforced the individual power and uniqueness in each one of us. 


As they say, all good things come to an end’ so did the day long workshop but not before group dancing, singing and laughing to a mix of songs, distribution of certificates and an interactive Q&A session on keeping the momentum and the vision of #bestofu alive in our own hearts and also to spread it unconditionally among those around us. 

Yes, we are the Best…if we believe in ourselves and in our ability to make the best of everything for ourselves and for those around us. With that, I am all geared up to march forward in my mission to touch a few more lives in  April 2016….

Stay Joyful!

Varuna Khullar

Yoga with V


Tanserv & Yoga with V Synergize for holistic wellness of employees

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6th Jan 2016, Gurgaon: Thinking it to be yet another regular employee meet; Tanserv‘s 63 staff members reached the Pllazio Hotel Gurgaon from different parts of the country on 3rd Jan for its annual two – day (4th – 5th Jan 2016) town-hall event – ‘Synergize’. While they all were not too keen to begin the next day at 7.30 am sharp in the cold winter yet the curiosity led them to Yoga with V‘s corporate yoga session, well in time. It took just a few minutes for the ice to break between the Tanserv family and Yoga with V’s team and what followed was a beautiful synergy of health, joyfulness, team bonding, laughter hours and soulfulness time outs along with the company’s annual business charter of 2016 over the two days. 

Yoga with V’s corporate yoga session on both the days primarily focused  on the eleven most stressed body parts including head, eyes, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, waist, back, knees, legs, feet of a corporate executive due to erratic lifestyle. Special attention was given to get the participants indulge in some specific back-bending exercises due to their long hours spent on commuting on the road traversing long distances. A brief tete-e-tete on how to adapt Yoga as a way of life witnessed some healthy exchange of notes between the participants and V to close the session. 

FotorCreated 1


The participants were pleasantly surprised when the first tea break did not follow the regular presentation hour instead Yoga with V along with her team took  the stage for a 45 minute session of unconditional laughter therapy. With a little hesitation in the beginning; the Tanserv family dived into the session in full gusto and followed after was a joyful site of business suits clad executives laughing their heads off at absolutely nothing. Team laughs, laughter songs, collective chanting and childlike playfulness lit up not only the participants’ moods but the entire conference hall. An exchange of dialogue between V and the participants to highlight the paramount benefits of the unconditional laughter therapy for corporates and teams made the follow up laughter sessions even more enjoyable and memorable.

While, they were still under the hangover of the laughter session; the Tanserv members were yet again challenged to take the ‘Walk of Faith’. The entire Tanserv group was divided into smaller families with an objective of bringing together and greater bonding of the employees. The activity was not just a game but also an exercise of faith, simplified communication and improved team strength to achieve targets in togetherness.

Some finest and rarest models of creativity, self expression, teamwork and brainstorming came out during the Create. Laugh. Play & Channelizing energies for converting negative to positive sessions from the participants. These two sessions bolt over the company’s senior management and left cues for identifying and honing the next line of leadership among its vibrant and energetic workforce. 

More Soulfulness time out for the Tanserv family came during the early morning ‘Vowel Chanting’ which became even more mesmerizing with the music wander, ‘Pintu Mallick‘s’ LIVE Guitar music. A joyful collaboration of Yoga with V and Pintu Mallick left a unique soul touching experience for the participants. 


The event culminated with a close to drum circle effect created once again by Pintu Mallick by using very handy instruments including used water bottles, dandiya sticks and the Guitar. The audiences were left enthralled with a unique combination of live singing, dancing, laughing, music making and once again coming together for improved binding and bonding.  

Yoga with V thanks the Tanserv Family & The Cranberry Brand Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (Event Managers) for giving such a unique opportunity to synergize some life skill knowledge with professional learning of the Tanserv family. 

More event pictures can be found here







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#bestofu: Reminiscences from the first edition

Has it ever happened to you that you so want to do something different but couldn’t or still in a state of state about how and when to start or initiate a change. It happened to me a lot of times and one fine day, I just got up and started working towards a change – and I looked at fine tuning or changing ordinary things in life for extraordinary experiences!

#bestofu is one such change that literally #incubated in a living room among three friends – who are way different in what they individually pursue yet so alike for doing something that serves a common purpose – Be and Bring Joy!

#Punam Kashyap, #Mohit Sinha & #yogawithv came up with the idea of #bestofu in a rather nonchalant way. But as they say good ideas make you start working on them – #bestofu exactly did that to us. While the name christening had its share of light arguments, the program roadmap was more or less decided in peace :)

We knew what we enjoy doing, we just had to spread that!

And we started putting together the mandatory stuff – Website, flyers, blogs, social media, logistics etc etc but a spark of doing something out of the kitty, something that we enjoy, made all the mandatory stuff look so interesting and so not tiring.:)

Once upon a time someone said , “where there is a will, there is always a way” :)

And, so came the D-day. Armed with 15 participants, the pioneer #bestofu workshop saw its moments of blossoming friendships, love, lots and lots of #laughter, experiencing #yoga in a joyful way and just being oneself – no strings attached. While, the participants couldn’t resist shaking a leg to the #happy dance; they  did not hesitate to take the #celebrity walk in their own unique styles during the certificate distribution. We left the venue with a hope, with a joy to simply rejoice the simpler things in life.

My motivation for the second edition of #bestofu is just not the encouragement from the workshop day but the after effects of it slowing showing in oneself, family, corporate family and more. I confess – that keeps me super charged to continue to believe in the best that we wish to offer through #bestofu.

#bestofu second edition is due on Saturday, 16th January 2016 at Club Florence, Sec 56, Gurgaon. For more details, visit See You!

Come. Experience. Learn. Spread

Stay Joyful!

Varuna Khullar

Jungle Safari Session enchants Teachers during V’s Workshop

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Gurgaon, 17th October 2015: “Oh, I never thought Yoga can be made so interesting”, “I cannot wait to get back to my classroom and start Yoga with my kids”, “Now, I know what will keep the children enthused for a yoga session” were just some of the candid testimonials after V’s special workshop with Pre School Teachers facilitated today by Kunskapsskolan School in Gurgaon.

While the workshop focused on development of motor skills development of kids through Yoga;V integrated a simulated ‘Jungle Safari Session’ incorporating yogic asana, conscious breathing, relaxation and mindfulness activities in a playful, creative and engaging way enabling the teachers to take cues on making Yoga more realistic, fun and effective for children aged 24 months and upward for developing their cognitive abilities.

Teachers from pre schools such as Silver Trails, Wondercare, Swwings, Belle Monte, IDA and Kunskapsskolan Junior wing in Gurgaon participated in this workshop.

Catch some live moments of the workshop: Yoga with V Workshop with Pre Preschoolers , Testimonial, Testimonial




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