Tanserv & Yoga with V Synergize for holistic wellness of employees

6th Jan 2016, Gurgaon: Thinking it to be yet another regular employee meet; Tanserv‘s 63 staff members reached the Pllazio Hotel Gurgaon from different parts of the country on 3rd Jan for its annual two – day (4th – 5th Jan 2016) town-hall event – ‘Synergize’. While they all were not too keen to begin the next day at 7.30 am sharp in the cold winter yet the curiosity led them to Yoga with V‘s corporate yoga session, well in time. It took just a few minutes for the ice to break between the Tanserv family and Yoga with V’s team and what followed was a beautiful synergy of health, joyfulness, team bonding, laughter hours and soulfulness time outs along with the company’s annual business charter of 2016 over the two days. 

Yoga with V’s corporate yoga session on both the days primarily focused  on the eleven most stressed body parts including head, eyes, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, waist, back, knees, legs, feet of a corporate executive due to erratic lifestyle. Special attention was given to get the participants indulge in some specific back-bending exercises due to their long hours spent on commuting on the road traversing long distances. A brief tete-e-tete on how to adapt Yoga as a way of life witnessed some healthy exchange of notes between the participants and V to close the session. 

The participants were pleasantly surprised when the first tea break did not follow the regular presentation hour instead Yoga with V along with her team took  the stage for a 45 minute session of unconditional laughter therapy. With a little hesitation in the beginning; the Tanserv family dived into the session in full gusto and followed after was a joyful site of business suits clad executives laughing their heads off at absolutely nothing. Team laughs, laughter songs, collective chanting and childlike playfulness lit up not only the participants’ moods but the entire conference hall. An exchange of dialogue between V and the participants to highlight the paramount benefits of the unconditional laughter therapy for corporates and teams made the follow up laughter sessions even more enjoyable and memorable.

While, they were still under the hangover of the laughter session; the Tanserv members were yet again challenged to take the ‘Walk of Faith’. The entire Tanserv group was divided into smaller families with an objective of bringing together and greater bonding of the employees. The activity was not just a game but also an exercise of faith, simplified communication and improved team strength to achieve targets in togetherness.

Some finest and rarest models of creativity, self expression, teamwork and brainstorming came out during the Create. Laugh. Play & Channelizing energies for converting negative to positive sessions from the participants. These two sessions bolt over the company’s senior management and left cues for identifying and honing the next line of leadership among its vibrant and energetic workforce. 

More Soulfulness time out for the Tanserv family came during the early morning ‘Vowel Chanting’ which became even more mesmerizing with the music wander, ‘Pintu Mallick‘s’ LIVE Guitar music. A joyful collaboration of Yoga with V and Pintu Mallick left a unique soul touching experience for the participants. 

The event culminated with a close to drum circle effect created once again by Pintu Mallick by using very handy instruments including used water bottles, dandiya sticks and the Guitar. The audiences were left enthralled with a unique combination of live singing, dancing, laughing, music making and once again coming together for improved binding and bonding.  

Yoga with V thanks the Tanserv Family & The Cranberry Brand Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (Event Managers) for giving such a unique opportunity to synergize some life skill knowledge with professional learning of the Tanserv family. 

More event pictures can be found here

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