#bestofu: Reminiscences from the first edition

Has it ever happened to you that you so want to do something different but couldn’t or still in a state of state about how and when to start or initiate a change. It happened to me a lot of times and one fine day, I just got up and started working towards a change – and I looked at fine tuning or changing ordinary things in life for extraordinary experiences!

#bestofu is one such change that literally #incubated in a living room among three friends – who are way different in what they individually pursue yet so alike for doing something that serves a common purpose – Be and Bring Joy!

#Punam Kashyap, #Mohit Sinha & #yogawithv came up with the idea of #bestofu in a rather nonchalant way. But as they say good ideas make you start working on them – #bestofu exactly did that to us. While the name christening had its share of light arguments, the program roadmap was more or less decided in peace 🙂

We knew what we enjoy doing, we just had to spread that!

And we started putting together the mandatory stuff – Website, flyers, blogs, social media, logistics etc etc but a spark of doing something out of the kitty, something that we enjoy, made all the mandatory stuff look so interesting and so not tiring.:)

Once upon a time someone said , “where there is a will, there is always a way” 🙂

And, so came the D-day. Armed with 15 participants, the pioneer #bestofu workshop saw its moments of blossoming friendships, love, lots and lots of #laughter, experiencing #yoga in a joyful way and just being oneself – no strings attached. While, the participants couldn’t resist shaking a leg to the #happy dance; they  did not hesitate to take the #celebrity walk in their own unique styles during the certificate distribution. We left the venue with a hope, with a joy to simply rejoice the simpler things in life.

My motivation for the second edition of #bestofu is just not the encouragement from the workshop day but the after effects of it slowing showing in oneself, family, corporate family and more. I confess – that keeps me super charged to continue to believe in the best that we wish to offer through #bestofu.

#bestofu second edition is due on Saturday, 16th January 2016 at Club Florence, Sec 56, Gurgaon. For more details, visit www.bestofu.org. See You!

Come. Experience. Learn. Spread

Stay Joyful!

Varuna Khullar

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