Love Dies with Ego!



Do you know the story of an island where all the feelings lived together?

 One day there was a storm in the sea and the island was about to get drowned. Every feeling was scared but Love made a boat to escape. Every feeling boarded the boat. Only 1 feeling was left. Love got down to see who it was…

It was EGO… 
Love tried and tried but ego wasn’t moving also the water was rising. Every one asked love to leave him and come in the boat, but love was made to love all feelings. At last, all the feelings escape and Love died with ego on the island.

Moral of the Story: Love Dies because of EGO…

Let’s put our whole hearted effort from today to ‘Unfriend’ Ego and welcome love and tolerance in our lives. 

Regular practice of Pranayama, holding yoga postures and meditation helps you to transcend your ego and move  a step closer towards leading a balanced and happy life!

Would you like to share a story or incident with us? No matter big or small, your own or someone else’s, an inspiring leaf from a book or just a thought where love, wisdom and patience finally succeeded over ego. Please Post your titled / anonymous (your choice :)) experiences / stories of love triumphs over ego below. 



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