It’s all the small stuff

During my recent trip to India; couldn’t help myself off the book shelf at the airport..

This one was worth the buy and is becoming hard to put down…It is actually very simple…all the simpleton things which we already know to live our lives peacefully have been simply put together by Richard but what makes this book interesting is, it reminds you of all the simple tricks to live life simply in very simple words…no jargon, cult-writings, references – just simple rules of  life supported with everyday anecdotes from Carlson’s own life…

Richard’s style of writing is very easy going, personal and one particular chapter, he secretly shares that even stress management consultants are stressed out to train people to become stress-free…couldn’t stop laughing on it…

Enjoying the 35th chapter of this self-help book which am sure will engross me deeper with every advancing chapter!

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