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Well, we have talked a lot about how post pregnancy times can be challenging for a woman. There are gazillion solutions available in the market for her to sail through the first few months post her delivery and sometimes even through the initial years of motherhood.

However, I personally believe that yoga nidra is an under tried tool that has the potential to balance the emotions flowing at various frequencies in a new mother’s mind during the day with minimal effort.

Here, is a brief #guidedyoganidra for #postnatalcare audio in my voice that maybe useful for  lovely new mothers to sail peacefully through the day with a new born baby. For comfort, I have replaced the word ‘floor’ with ‘bed’ as it may not be practical for a new mother to roll out a yoga mat and practice yoga nidra. This will give her the flexibility to follow the tape lying or sitting on the bed next to her baby. Also, a typical yoga nidra audio length is recommended to be atleast 30 minutes but isn’t that a lot of expectation from a new mother? I have tried my best to keep the audio at a length of under 15 minutes to make it more doable. Simply, plug it in your ears any time of the day, yes any time or at multiple times in the day in between feeding your baby, changing nappies, holding your baby, keeping up with necessary chores and other works. You may practice it lying down on the bed or you could listen and follow the instructions in a seated position if lying down is not an option. loose comfortable wear is recommended for minimal discomfort.

A short yoga nidra session can benefit in:

  • extremely deep relaxation of body and mind and can cover up for the lost sleep during the night
  • a regular practice of #yoganidra can bring changes at the psychosomatic levels in the brain and can alter the negative thought process
  • it balances the body and mind and brings equanimity.

Remember, it is not important to practice everything in perfection. Sometimes, more effective and important is continuity of a practice in whatever means available!




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