Surya Namaskar – A complete body mind workout

Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation  is a complete body mind workout from head to toe and is extremely beneficial for all body types. Just a few rounds of this series early morning can charge up and put the body into action for rest of the day. If done regularly over a period of time, Surya Namaskar builds endurance in the body and the correct repetition of steps improves concentration in the mind.

Beginners should start with 6 continuous slow movements and gradually increase the counts but never go beyond your individual capacity. Ideal sequence count is 12 with synchronized breathing movement. Ideally, inhalation happens in the backward bending poses and exhalation occurs while coming forward.

On an easy day, try variations of the #SuryaNamaskar posture by breaking the steps and repeating at your unique pace. Repetitions of Mountain Pose directly going into cobra pose without touching the body on the floor can do wonders to build up the strength of upper arms and cut out the extra flab. Other benefits also include strong lower back, slender neck and complete body balance. Another variation can be tried with sequencing #Hastottasana and #Padahastasana for 15-20 slow repetitions. While the backward bending will strengthen the spine, the forward bend works on the abdomen and calf muscles. Asana repetition during the course of Surya Namaskar brings variety into the practise and enables improvement of these specific asanas which otherwise, we may not practise daily.

On a quick busy day, just doing 6-8 rounds of Surya Namaskar is enough to take care of your daily body and mind workout needs. Persons suffering from Cervical or Spondylitis should avoid looking downward or putting pressure or on their neck in downward facing poses and instead look in a straight angle while getting into these poses.

12 steps to Surya Namaskar

**This form of yoga should be practised by regular yoga practitioners. Beginners should do it under the guidance of an instructor.

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