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Don’t you feel just wonderful when your little one sways up in the air and jumps down on the floor or when your darling daughter rotates her tiny waist and makes a big circle from side to side..Do you chuckle and cheer for your young boy when he squats and sits bang on the floor with legs stretched wide ..Whoaaa!

Growing kids have a wonderful ability to mould their bodies and minds in a way they want. How about adding a bit of Yoga to their routines!!!

We all know the benefits of yoga but did you know that Yoga facilitates a child’s physical and mental growth towards a positive & healthy adult with stronger immunity for diseases and injuries. There are several benefits of this great ancient fitness practice but just a few are listed below to prove its relevance for the future generations too:

  1. Increases Flexibility and Strengthens Growing Bodies – Children have an innate flexibity in them and Yoga helps to develop, evolve and maintain that trait for life. Young bodies adapt to positive changes much faster than the older ones 🙂
  2. Enhances Focus – A combination of breathing exercises, asanas and light meditation increases focus and attention traits amongst children. Benefits of these are not just restricted to a yoga class but can be seen in studies, at play, daily routine etc
  3. Boosts Balance and Improves Postures – Holding postures are not only a medium of outward coordination of body but also a harmony between the mind and body. The mind connects with body and vice versa. Yoga encourages children to be aware of their sitting and standing postures even outside the yoga room
  4. Empowers Acceptance and tolerance – Every second, the world is changing. Children are being exposed to multi-faceted situations. Are we empowering them well to handle the dynamic conditions? Yoga propels self control, tolerance and acceptance abilities among kids
  5. Teaches discipline and taking responsibilty – not only in the body but demeanour too.
  6. Handle Stress – “Stress” is no longer oblivious to the kiddie world. Sometimes, constant pressures and challenges at home, school and among the peer group  causes stress & low self -esteem among kids. Yoga acts as an enabler for kids to endure their own unique talents and creativity levels and rejoice in them with a stress free focus on improving the existing and developing newer talents.
  7. Soft skills development – Politness in speech and conduct, chivalry, compassion and gratitude, respecting and helping others and building support circle are just few of the positive effects of regular yoga practice among kids.
  8. Yoga is pure fun….just plain fun!!

Benefits of yoga for kids are galore however parents and instructors should be mindful of different ability levels in different kids and introduce asanas at appropriate levels.

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