Change is the only Constant!


“I need a change”. “Things have to change, I can’t keep going like this.” “Ok, I will BUT after some time”

We often complain to ourselves, our friends about how badly we need something to change in our lives but how many of us  take a step towards actually bringing a change. Few!

Change – Most demanded yet perceived as a rigmarole. Over a period of time, we get used to a certain pattern in our life, things become auto-pilot and we struggle to let go off our comfort zone. Still, a part of us yearns for a change but it is only a few of us who listen to our inner voice, inspiring to go for it.  Asking us to wake up one morning and not just talk but begin to think different, act differently. 

After spending two glorious years of personal enrichment in Kuwait, I listened to my inner voice and took a step towards bringing a change.  Comfortable Job, great friends, beautiful yoginis. Why? What more? I believe Life is ever – evolving.  

How many times do we take a reality check of ourselves?

Are we just busy loading our bank accounts? Are we only bothered about us, how can we make life comfortable and even more comfortable for ourselves? Are we doing small things for others eerr..Do we have the time to do something for others without expecting anything in return? Are we moving to our own NLG (Next Level of Greatness) .

That’s it!! Was it time for me to move to my next level of development, enrichment and fulfillment.

Yes, it was. I heard my inner voice – It was time for  me to move on to the next level. Change comes with a discomfort but always leaves a learning experience for us. On the outer, change may seem bad but there is something good hidden in it always.

Lets see how well I do learn my lessons right with this change 🙂

Are you listening to your inner voice asking for a change?

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