The Lovely Mother Daughter Duo!

 CherryCherry 2

Yogini Sherihan shares her unique bonding with Ritaj, her first child in a touching anecdote below

“ Being a single mother isn’t such an easy thing, But thanks to god I was granted the smartest and cutest girl ever “ Ritaj “. I can’t believe she’s already 8! Feels like yesterday when the doctor informed me about my pregnancy. The best thing in our relationship is that- and because of the small age difference- we feel like we are sisters more than a mother and her daughter. This eases our communication and makes us do more common activities. One of the best activities we do together is the Yoga class. I was amazed how she has passion towards Yoga and our lovely trainer “Varuna”. My daughter is planning to compete with Varuna one day and start teaching Yoga to others”


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