Attitude is Altitude

We cry in pain on the smallest of injuries in our bodies…can we imagine ourselves without arms or way, not even in our wildest dreams..Think about someone who was born without arms and legs, how would have been his life!

Nick Vujicic is an inspiration in a lifetime..No medical conditions or warning at the time of his birth, Nick came into the world with no arms, no legs..Today, at a very young age of 30 yrs, Nick is a double major in Accounting & Financial Planning, has his own NGO, holds  numerous international awards and recognition, an author and an initiator of a Global Outreach program across countries AND blessed with a healthy son..Read about Nick’s truly inspiring journey of life here

Nick’s story compels us to rethink on all our excuses / justifications / negative thoughts  for not trying to change our lives for good & worth living!

Nick Vujicic

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