“Yoga by the beach”

A perfect Friday morning, sunny weather,  a small green grass patch overlooking the aqua blue sea which was occupied by few swimmers and surfers set the mood for the meditation by  beach session of  ‘Yoga with V’.

Yoginis reached dot on time braced with their yoga mats, home made delicacies and loads of smile and cheerfulness. The session started with some breathing exercises, followed by floor warm -ups before the instructor put the yoginis to Savasana. What followed next was a 20 minute guided meditation tour of visualization by the beach where the yoginis walked by the beach, right towards the the sea, the cool water touched their feet every now and then and the mistiness of water invited them to take dips in the sea. After a good swim; all return to their easy chairs to enjoy the sun, cool breeze and light fragrance of the clear, blue sea. Once back from the visualization; a Yogini actually recalled the light sea fragrance like that of a rose flower while the other swam a little and lay still in the water, the other times.

After the relaxation session, it was time for the yoginis’ to open their meal boxes and what a delight it was!!..From home – baked fresh bread & low sugared banana tea cake and  perfectly shaped chocolate and coffee muffins to awesomely delicious crepes and refreshing and colourful fruits platterYoginis enjoyed a multi-cultural breakfast meal.  Some fitness cereals in skimmed milk along with fresh juices by  filled up our beverage craving. I enjoyed the hot flavored Assamese tea which  was served in pretty looking small glass mugs. Amongst the adults were two yoginis’ little daughters who were sometimes watching all of us in amusement & giggling but were sweet enough to not disturb their moms & others while enjoying the meditation session.

I thank all Yoginis of ‘Yoga with V’ for today’s relaxing and enjoyable meditation by beach session…

3 thoughts on ““Yoga by the beach””

  1. It was one of the best experience I’ve ever had… Meeting other yoginis and socialize with them in such a beautiful weather by the sea side is a very cheerful healthy thing to do 🙂
    Thanks Varuna for the exceptional meditation experience ….Looking forward to have more of outdoors sessions 🙂

  2. Dear meditation – getting started,

    I appreciate your email. Glad to share my experiences in the virtual space. Not sure about the slow upload of the RSS. Will figure out a way soon..

    Thanks again and please drop by again..would luv to know about your meditation experiences..

    ‘Yoga with V’

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