Yoga on Adele songs!

Yoga and music go hand-in-hand. While silence should be observed during meditation and other breathing asanas, often instructors combine traditional yoga mudras with soulful music, ragas, & slow music which makes the regime even more enjoyable. I continuously  experiment with my practice by setting  music to my mood…

foot-taping numbers during power yoga sessions to classic 80’s love songs for holding and stretching makes the yoga sessions different..Adele’s   Someone like you is one of my fav’s while repeating Sun Salutations…gradually, I also used her other songs including someone like you, I can’t make you love me, set fire to the rain for yoga .and all were worth including in the mix!

Do your yoga – the non traditional sometimes ..maybe on Salsa, instrumental, flute, Bollywood and even Bhangra…

1 thought on “Yoga on Adele songs!”

  1. Sherihan Tohamy

    Yeah ! I agree 🙂 Adele changes my mood in a very positive way same like Yoga . Me and Ritaj are crazy about her 🙂

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