Ho Ho Hahaha!


Yesterday’s session at ‘Yoga with V’  was simply electrifying..roars of  ‘Ho Ho Haha’   filled the room when Yoginis tried the Laughter yoga for the first time..It was a delight to see how hesitant smiles quickly transformed into wide laughs, giggles and occasional laughter burst outs…Yoginis indulged in special exercises like Shake Hand Laugh, Milk Shake Laughter, One Meter Laughter & Child Laughter before submitting themselves to 15 mins of Laughter meditation..

A 50 min laughter session was a unique workout in its own way for all Yoginis and as they left the place, all I could see were shinning bright faces and happy souls – refreshed and recharged from within…

Thanks to all Yoginis for being such wonderful followers of Yoga! 

‘Laughter Yoga’ dates back to 1995 when Dr. Madan Kataria (Laughter Yoga Guru) started the concept in Mumbai (India) in a neighbourhood park with just 7 people. Today, Laughter Yoga is followed in over 60 countries across numerous cities in parks, studios, community halls, laughter clubs etc..

read more about this amusing yet powerful form of yoga at http://laughteryoga.org/


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