V’s Corporate Happiness Program


HEALTH is a state of well-being at physical, mental, social & spiritual levels and not merely an absence of illness or infirmity.

World Health Organization

Don't leave your staff's health to a chance

It has been proven medically that yoga boosts body immunity and releases stress and tension from the nervous system and this in turn enhances a person’s ability to cope with the increasing pressures of modern day working.

Yoga does this by providing deep relaxation to the body and the mind through its physical postures / exercises and breathing techniques and hence aids in improving the physical, mental and emotional state of a person as proven in many researches.

Yoga Aha! for a Corporate Executive:

  • Reverberates Joy Within and Out
  • Union of Mind and Body
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Accelerates Work Performance
  • Positive Bent of Mind
  • Improves Team Building, Motivation and Communication
  • Increases Attention Span in Training / Conferences
  • Effective Management of Stress & Time
  • Revitalizing and Refreshing


V’s Magical Ingredients



1.Corporate Yogic Therapy –  Open the doors to external and internal wellness of your staff with a  light corporate yogic therapy (suitable for all ages)  addressing the ‘ELEVEN’ most stressed body parts of an executive with anytime, anywhere easy to practise body stretches.  After attending this session, the participants will feel empowered to take charge of their frequent health complaints such as backache, neck sprain, tired eyes, mild headaches and sedentary lifestyle issues due to long working hours on the desk as well as off it.

2.Laughter Blaster Timeout – Unconditional Laughter Therapy is a global phenomenon being practiced in over 72 countries, successfully. A powerful tool helping business people reduce workplace stress and creates happy and energetic workforce. It is a breakthrough laughter delivery system where anyone can laugh and practice laughter as a group exercise without relying on humour, jokes or comedy. BBC and Google Offices are using it, Oprah Winfrey has tried and says it works.
3.Live Music Meditation – Words have great power and are used to create energy and healing synergies of the body, mind and soul.  Enjoy the calming and dynamic effects of this powerful meditation technique conducted on live guitar music for a reverberated soul– inside and out.
4.‘Antar Mouna’  Meditation – A great  rendezvous with self  for becoming aware of the inner silence as well as inner noise which generally prevents one from knowing silence.  A complete training  system for the awareness process; it teaches one how to know the processes of the mind and ways in which one can bring them under control.
5. Gibberish Chaos – Nonsense will make sense in this reverberating 30-min powerful active mindfulness technique challenging the participants on their think < act < express skills and then finally ‘SYNERGIZE’ them to communicate. Gibberish is a language of sounds without meaning. It may be fast or at normal conversational speed and generally involves a focus on tone and hand and body movements to convey meaning.
6.Zazen Meditation – Experience how to manage stress and anxiety by emptying the mind of those intrusive and debilitating thoughts, and replacing them with the knowledge of whatever truth you’re seeking, is freeing.

Each Program’s Duration: Short Duration (2 hours) , Long Duration (4 hours)

 Fee: on request