V’s Corporate Happiness Program


HEALTH is a state of well-being at physical, mental, social & spiritual levels and not merely an absence of illness or infirmity.

World Health Organization

Don't leave your staff's health to a chance

It has been proven medically that yoga boosts body immunity and releases stress and tension from the nervous system and this in turn enhances a person’s ability to cope with the increasing pressures of modern day working.

Yoga does this by providing deep relaxation to the body and the mind through its physical postures / exercises and breathing techniques and hence aids in improving the physical, mental and emotional state of a person as proven in many researches.

Yoga Aha! for a Corporate Executive:

  • Reverberates Joy Within and Out
  • Union of Mind and Body
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Accelerates Work Performance
  • Positive Bent of Mind
  • Improves Team Building, Motivation and Communication
  • Increases Attention Span in Training / Conferences
  • Effective Management of Stress & Time
  • Revitalizing and Refreshing


V’s Magical Ingredients



Yoga Timeout (45Mins): a combination of right breathing, light body stretching, chanting and relaxation.

Laughter Yoga (20/30mins): sessions combine laughter with exercises and yogic breathing which oxygenates body and brain and makes one more healthy and energetic.

Monthly Wellness Journey (45/60mins): secure your staff’s holistic wellness needs with a blend of yogic practices, meditation, chanting, relaxation, team building exercises, light yoga challenges and more.