V as Health and Laughter Speaker

The Energy Regainer


If you are an Event Management Company, Trade Association, Conference & Seminar, Independent Executive Coach, Corporate Trainers then collaborate with V to reflect upon the unparalleled benefits of Health & Happiness for your program participants. V endeavours to make your events and conventions more interesting by optimally engaging your forum audiences through V’s Quick Recharge Potions:


V’s Recharge Potions


Recharge Potions

1. Ice Breaker Laughter Capsules (15 mins)

2. Laughter Breaks (5 mins)

3. Laughter Games (10 mins)

4. Quick Relation Technique (15 mins)

5. Vowel Meditation (15 mins)


Instant Benefits

1. Can be practiced anywhere hassle free without making major adjustments to the event venue or aesthetics

2. Magical Ice Breakers

3. Proven Relaxers for Speakers & Participants

4. Increases Attention Span of the Audiences

5. Effective Stress Busters

Assess your audiences ‘Before & After’ V’s Quick Health Potions experience through brief feedback surveys.  Get in touch with V to include a bit of health, happiness and healing in your public programs