And the affinity continues…

When I first met Mansi, I was not too sure about her interest for yoga.  

A sudden calling of her inner voice? Not too sure…

Mansi was in her fourth month of pregnancy when she (insisted upon by her husband) decided to give Yoga a ‘fair chance’. She had never really taken to the practice in the past and was more attuned to cardio and strength training in the gyms. Anyway, a small spark of affinity made us decide to start yoga together. I could relate to her in her corporate shoes and maybe she could connect with me because of our similar backgrounds.

Thus began..a journey..a journey of change..that I witnessed end to end :)

Our initial meetings were formal, running as per my sessions structure for her – Asana, Pranayama, Chanting and quick windups, but the affinity started to grow for each other. One day during a session, I asked Mansi, “Would you like to also talk about Yoga and life sometimes? She paused for a while and said, “why not, when I sit on my workstation and make budgets for my marketing campaigns, I have to justify the costs attached to each and every activity to my seniors and also to myself. Similarly, I would like to know why am I doing specific yoga postures and why should i continue to do so.” The affinity grew exponentially in that moment :)


After three months of regular meetings, I started feeling that someone who quickly winded up the grounding moments of her session, was spending more time in introspection towards the session’s tail. Mansi’s requests to increase the frequency of breathing with control movements, variations of meditation and more chanting sessions  were increasing by the day and at the same time. Our tri weekly meetings turned to five sometimes even to six during Mansi’s 8th month . Losing the sense of time while discussing a particular shloka was becoming a habit but none of us were complaining.  The affinity was getting deeper, I guess :).

Mansi was slowly climbing the numbers in my priority sessions list and I feel, so were I in her calendar. I must admit, I did experiment quite a few mindfulness techniques on her which I was yet to introduce in my other regular classes. You give more when you receive more. Isn’t it? The affinity effect again!

We were together on the last day of her pre -delivery time.  Mansi’ s husband joined us for a long chanting session. It was his first experience of sitting for one pointedness for couple of hours. I was not too sure about Mansi too as her weight seemed to be a deterrent. But to my sheer joy, both sat comfortably through the two hours of chanting for Mansi’s healthy and safe delivery. Infact Himanshu (Mansi’s husband) asked, “Can we do this again if she does not get into the labour tomorrow”. However, things happened as anticipated the next day. A cute little bundle of joy Baby Kiara was born after 36 hours of wait. And the affinity continued to spread.

IMG-20170505-WA0012 (1)

It’s been a month since Kiara is giving sleepless nights to Mansi but the new mother shared a tip with me, “Whenever kiara stresses me out, I take to chanting and deep breathing.” Now, this stress is worth it. Isn’t it? Watch Mansi’s journey of change in a short video here 

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Stay joyful