The Tiff Between the 5 faculties of our Body

This morning as I was concluding my yoga session, the popular ‘Prana Story’ struck my mind and I decided to share with my fellow Yogis and Yoginis. 

The Story Goes:

Once Upon a time, the 5 main parts of our body i.e. the Mind, Breath (Prana), Speech, Ear and Eye were arguing with each other as to which one of them was the best and most important for the human body. They decided to leave the body and see whose absence was missed the most.

Speech left first but the body continued through actions. Eye was the second to leave but the body continued through actions. Ear was the next to leave, still the body continued. Mind also left but the body still kept going. Finally, the breath (Prana) began to leave and the body began to die and all its parts started to lose their energy. All the parts of body rushed to the Prana and requested it to stay. Prana stayed in the body. It kept sending energy to the other parts of the body which helped them to continue to perform their functions.

What is most important for the Human Body?

The Prana!