Thank You!

As I finished the Yoga class this morning and thanked the participants; I  promptly asked them- “Well, what is the meaning of the phrase Thank you”?

For a Second, I met total silence followed by light responses – “thank you means thank you”, “I thank you” :) Ofcourse some responses came but my question was not fully answered.

First, for the record – thanks is derived from the word -THINK. Thank you simply means I will always remember what you did for me. Although our wisdom talk ended quickly I was intrigued to know more about this phrase and did a bit of my searching to find some interesting facts around using this phrase.

Listing the top 5 easy to recall facts below:

  • Scientists studying sychology found that only a one -time thoughtful act of gratitude can produce an immediate 10% increase in happiness and 35% decrease in depressive symptoms. Also, the effects of this act start fading away in a span of 3 months or more. The finding suggests to repeat the act as often as possible for self  motivation
  • A mere acknowledgement of how much you care for what your staff does at work or your partner does in your life can instill a strong sense of self worth and confidence. It ‘boosts’ relationships – personal as well as professional
  •  Introducing a culture of gratitude to children aged between 8 – 11 years can bring an increase in their positive thinking, appreciation and positive emotions
  • This phrase is packed with endurance abilities. Expressing gratitude for small and big events / things on daily basis continously prepares a person to embrace setbacks in life
  • A thankful attitude towards every blessing in life promotes better sleep and leaves a positive effect on the brain including neuro transmitters and hormones that are key to social bonding

Thank You – is a small phrase / gesture / expression but possesses immense power to turn around not only our moods or attitude..but our personalities too!

Did You Thank Someone / Yourself Today

Thank You!

Varuna Khullar