Maruti Finance took time off number crunching to Laugh, Play &Breathe with V

27th August 2016, Gurgaon: It was a delight to go back to the Maruti Corporate for some health, fun, bonding and binding time out with the car giant’s Finance Department. Yoga with V’s wellness session was held today with over 60 executives, who participated in full gusto . The session opened to some candid interaction between these executives and V on some of the common stress challenges which they commonly face and how due to pressing timelines, they struggle to cope with keeping up with any kind of active health regime – Health of the mind more than that of the body.

V’s Laughter Hour tried addressing this challenge with the objective of how this simple therapy can be easily integrated in a busy executive’s life on a daily basis by just  devoting 10-15 minutes of time. While the participants experienced some popular laughter yoga exercises with V, the session became quite interesting when real time situations straight from these finance executives daily routine at work were relived in the – Laughter Way! Executives across different age groups, titles, moods and interests came together to laugh, play and breathe together with V with a common purpose of experiencing a simple, healthy and a joyful wellness session. During the session, V also shared some quick, easy and effective Desktop Yogic Exercises which can be practised anytime anywhere by these busy and stressed executives.

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Dance Meditation and Vowel Chanting set the mindfulness hour for the executives, leaving them more relaxed and in tune with themselves. An interactive after session feedback and sharing experiences summed up a beautiful and soulful Saturday evening for Maruti Executives and V.

V thanks  Maruti Suzuki – Once Again! :)


Stay Joyful!